The  Brand

Our Philosophy is Simple.

We refuse to be limited to one singular standard of Beauty. 

We are on a mission...

To empower women to love and enjoy their own version of beauty. 

At Diva Status, we understand that women are bombarded daily with marketing that promotes unrealistic beauty standards and sub-par products - neither of which serve your best interests.

We see women in a different light. We believe in the power of your potential and we’re here to help you feel beautiful from the inside out. That’s why we offer both inspiring workshops and high-quality cosmetics.

We help women discover their own signature version of beauty, embrace their ultimate potential and achieve maximum joy.

Diva Status is for you if.....

You realize you’re unique and you’ve been placed in this world to do great things - looking your best gives you the confidence you need to achieve those things.

You are so OVER all the hyped-up beauty trends and you’re ready to define your own makeup style based on your personality, your features and what feels right to you.

You are tired of being told what you’re supposed to look like and how you’re supposed to act. You’re a diva and not afraid to express it!

You are ready to learn skills that don’t involve spending hours in the mirror, so that you can enjoy the things that matter most in your life, like your family, your career, your education.

You know there is a diva inside of you.. a bonafide goddess with strength and smarts... and you’re ready to carve out time to nurture yourself and set her free.

You know there is more to being beautiful than just makeup. Being beautiful is about how you feel.

Here at Diva Status

We embrace that we are a different type of beauty brand and are quite proud of it!


  • We live by our mission and our mission lives through our customer’s satisfaction

  • We truly believe there is beauty in every stage of your life, with or without makeup

  • We understand the need of giving back to our communities and we strive to make difference in every way we can

  • We ADORE purple. All purple everythang.

  • We dance A LOT, not well, but A LOT!