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Our Mission is Clear: Empower Women To Look Their Most Radiant, Feel Their Most Confident and Experience Maximum Joy.


We look beyond magazine covers for our definition of beauty. Because real beauty does not conform to popular notions and refuses to be defined by common standards. Rather, it’s something that’s unique to each of us and transcends logic and reason. Beauty is the warm glow of our best selves shining brightly from within.


Through our workshops, tutorials, and high-quality cosmetics, we help women create a healthy, positive relationship with makeup that develops from the inside out. We believe makeup is an extension of self-care and can help women feel more empowered, more fearless, and more confident. (So, watch out world!)


Here’s what we offer:



Our premium, paraben-free cosmetics are perfect for every complexion and skin type. We offer a selection of top-of-the-line beauty products that are known for their innovative formulas and high performance.


Makeup Classes

Learn how to bring your own unique beauty forward with tips and techniques that will teach you how to work with your amazing assets and choose cosmetics that complement your individual look.


Empowerment Workshops

Learn how to put yourself first with kindness and self-care. Find a deeper confidence, embrace your unique style and love the way you look.