Our Story

Diva Status began as a passionate idea that women everywhere should have access to tools and knowledge that will help them look and feel their very best.


Our goal is to teach all women how to embrace and enhance their assets to feel their best and be unstoppable.

Why "Diva"?

Listen, we know the word, “Diva” has gotten a bad reputation - but we’re not having any of it. Frankly, we don’t like what’s been done to this word, so we’re taking it back.


Here’s the deal - the word "diva" was originally intended to describe a “divine” female - a goddess if you will. That’s right, G-O-D-D-E-S-S. And that’s exactly what we mean by it. So, go ahead, be a diva. The good kind.

The Woman Behind the Brand

Kiauna Hunt is a Self-Care Activist and Master Makeup Artist who specializes in beauty advocacy.


She addresses the nature of both internal and external beauty, how they influence each other and how they affect a woman’s life. While she takes this quite seriously, Kiauna also believes in the value of having simple fun. She enjoys throwing a good party, watching football, (especially when the Cowboys are winning), and is hooked on cartoons.


Through Diva Status, she has created a powerful platform for women of all ages and cultures to discover how to have a healthy, positive relationship with makeup and their individual beauty.


A native New Yorker, this powerhouse wife and mother is based in Washington DC and spends her free time giving back to underserved young girls.  Life is good beautiful.